This App is supplied by Kanuth Adventure Safaris Ltd., Tanzania.

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This App does NOT:-

  • read, collect or use any personal data on your device,
  • process your data in any way,
  • have access to your data and is therefore unable to pass any of your data on to any third party.

You are free, at no cost, to:-

  • Install,Uninstall and re-Install the app on any number of suitable devices at any time, and as often as you wish.

This app Does provide:-

  • advice on preparing for a trip to Tanzania, BUT…
    • we cannot guarantee its completeness nor accuracy for your particular circumstances; please treat it only as advice, a thought provoker to assist in your own decisions.
  • descriptions of Tanzania and its National Parks and Game Reserves based on our experiences and knowledge, however…
    • we cannot guarantee that these facts will remain constant but will endeavour to update whenever discrepencies are found.
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