Kanuth Adventure Safari hopes to give you with this packing list a good start for your preparations of your trip. We advice you explicate to travel with soft travel bags instead of hard shell suitcases. Because they are difficult to transport in our cars. When you have an inland flight, the limit is 15 kg per person.

Clothes: Comfortable light colored clothes (no dark or flashy colors), neat clothes for diner. Comfortable shoes, like sandals, socks, slippers. Head protection, head of sun cap, fleece vest of sweater for evenings, long trousers for evenings, shirt with long sleeves for evening, swimming clothes. Sufficient underwear.

Clothing: Light weight, washable clothes, and a thick sweater there in the morning and some area it could be chilly. Against the sun we advise a sun hat of cap, sunglasses and sun cream. Shirts whit long sleeves and light colored clothing protect you against mosquito bites. Short trousers for women are accepted, but not too short, advised to cover legs during visits at local villages. For stay in hotel/lodges we advise swimming clothes.

>Pass port; Lodges scanned copies of your passport at booking and email it to us before, spares time at checking in at hotels.
>Visa; Visa for inhabitant could be provided at the embassy of Tanzania in your country or in Tanzania at the airport.
>Copy of your insurance

Electricity: The electricity in Tanzania is 230 V. It could happen that is falls out. Regarding electricity we advise to take a universal adapter (most …… are so called three pins). Note that our safari car has a….. So that you can charge your batteries during safari.

Lighting: A flash light is also recommended. Good advice through a shop…..

Luggage: Luggage during safari will be reduced till one soft bag. (Backpack of travel bag) plus one smaller hand luggage per person (excl. Camera bag) the total weight should not exceed 15-20 k per person.

Medical, Health & Hygiene:
When arriving in Tanzania, you need to have a so called vaccination book. We advise to send you for Hepatitis A, DTP, Yellow fever, (for Zanzibar obliged) and also a stamp.” Cholera not indicated” (necessary) to advice to protect you against malaria, more information with your Doctor of Travel clinic.
>Regular medicines; like aspirin, diarrhea….., nestotil crème (against insect bites) Malaria tablets, mosquito crème/spray (the best is with DEET), sun cream (waterproof with high temperatures), contact lens fluid, (sufficient for the trip) toothbrush, toothpaste, gel, hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, soap of shower gel.

Money: Most foreign currency, also Euro’s and US dollars are accepted and changeable at change offices and banks against TZS, credit cards are not accepted everywhere and have usual …… (Bad?) Change rates. The bigger cities have in the contrary some cash machines where you can cash money.

Photography: While being on safari, take sufficient film, cards, batteries etc. With you. Protect your camera against dust and extreme heat. In our 4 wheel drives and in your hotel/lodge are possibilities to charge your batteries. When you want to film of photograph the local people, please ask before. It is much appreciated.

Practical: Mobile phone with charger, travel plus, photo and film camera’s with charges, sufficient memory cards or film rolls. Binoculars.

Shopping: The touristic locations and hotels/lodges sell a large collection of souvenirs, jewels, drinks; do not be afraid to negotiate about the price. (Your driver/chauffeur will help you to get the best price)
Languages: Tanzanian people speak English, but a few Swahili words will be appreciated. Most people in the tourist industry speak mostly another foreign language.

Telephone: Tanzania knows a large network of mobile telephone. The land code for international calls is 00255 or +255. It is cheaper to call from Europe to a Tanzanian number then your own mobile phone. You can provide locally a pre-paid telephone card. You should do this in Arusha, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar before your trip begins.

Tips: It is common in Tanzania to thank the good services provided with a tip. Guideline for driver is 15-20 per group per safari day.

Travel insurance: While booking your trip, you must take a travel insurance, for your stay in Tanzania, where you cover: accidents, sickness, loss, theft and damage sufficiently.

Visa: Please note to take at least per person 1 billet of USD 50 for buying your visa at arrival in Tanzania

Advised literature: Birds of East Africa
Insight Guide Tanzania & Zanzibar (Italy) Lonely Planet Tanzania
Beat about the Bush Mammals
Beat about the Bush Birds

Did you know? Did you know that our special provided 4 wheel drives are equipped with extra big windows, (for excellent view), open shadow roof, air-condition, refrigerator, a Jake (for flat tires) and sufficient leg space).
We do not now limits at the driven kilometers per day, unless you are before dark at your lodge/hotel.
You decide when your drives pick you up.
Should you have other wishes or questions, please ask a question then we provide you a.s.a.p. with an answer.
We wish you a lot of fun preparing your trip to Tanzania and hope to visit you soon personally.

Karibu Tanzania! (Welcome in Tanzania)

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