Your Newsletter Articles, Posts and Comments will only be Approved if you follow these Simple Rules.

As we only allow our clients to blog on our website we are certain that the following rules will not be contravened. However, to protect ourselves from uninvited posters and commenters the following rules must be shown.

1. Who is allowed to post to our blog?

  • Anyone who has been on safari with Kanuth Adventure Safaris…
    • No matter when you travelled with us.
    • No matter if you organised the trip or just came along with the organiser.

2. What is NOT allowed in either text or image form?

  • All respectable, honest and good people (and Companies) explain in their Terms & Conditions exactly what they do and do not allow. The same applies to our blog. So, if we miss anything out in the following list we are sure that you will understand exactly what we mean.
  • We do NOT allow:-
    • Racism and any form of Hate
    • pornography
    • political or religious doctrination
    • Swearwords
    • Insulting text or images
    • Unfair and unproven criticism
    • Violence
    • Threats
    • Mobbing
    • etc., etc.

3. What is allowed in your post or newsletter content?

  • Newsletter Photo of the Month.
    • Maximum of 1 photos with a maximum width – full size please.
    • Each photo must be accompanied with a short text indicating where and when (month/year) the photo was taken.
    • Optionally you may send us a text of up to 200 words with each photo explaing more about the occasion, perhaps even camera and lighting details. We reserve the right to publish your text or not and we maintain the right to edit your text.
  • Newsletter Wildlife/Culture & Trekking Safari of the Month.
    • The article may contain only one photo (blog posts contain up to 3 but only one will be published in the newsletter).
    • You must write a minimum of 400 words, up to a maximum of 500 words to get published.
    • We may choose the best written article or the one that describes the greatest adventure.
    • We reserve the right to edit (if necessary) and publish any text and photo that you send.
    • Your name and city will only be published with your consent
  • Blogging: each blog post must contain…
    • Maximum of 3 Photos each with a maximum width of 540px and maximum height 540px.
    • You must write a minimum of 400 words, up to a maximum of 700 words to get published.
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