In Kanuth Adventure Safari vehicles you can charge up the batteries of your cameras and mobile devices on the road!

Our Tanzanian Safari Holiday Blog is free for your usage!

Either during your holiday or afterwards you are welcome to post some of your photos and write about your holiday, your Kanuth Adventure! How to do this.

Your holiday blog can be protected by password (how?) or left open for the general public to see.

If you make it private with a password then just give that password to your friends and family so that they can see your blog too. They will not have to login and, if you use the same password for all of your posts, they need only enter the password once to see your complete holiday blog.

If you are on safari for a few weeks and you post to your blog every day they can follow your progress as you go.

At any time you can request from us a userid and password which will enable you to post to our WordPress blog. Request blogging log-in by clicking here. Then just fill in the XXXX & MONTH/YEAR before sending the mail.

To view your blog and any public blog you just have to choose which one (each blog is a category) by using the select box in the top right of this page. There are two example blogs there, thanks to one of our customers, one of which is private (password is “DEMO”) and the other is public, so that you can see how they can look.

To learn how to blog in WordPress we recommend one of the following:-

Your Tanzanian Safari Blog

We wish you and all of the people you permit to read your Tanzanian Safari Blog a wonderful experience. And, although you will never forget your safari holiday in Tanzania, you will have the blog to remind you in detail for as long as you wish – show it to your grandchildren one day!

P.S. We only provide this service to our customers so we are sure that you will not upload any “naughty” texts or photos. We think, too, that you will know exactly what “naughty” means in this context but if you would like to make sure you can see our simple blogging rules here.

Should anyone contravene those rules then we reserve the right to delete your blog and to delete your login user.

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