Backpacker safari discounts – get up to 52% Discounts!..

by encouraging other backpackers to join your safari using our Backpacker 6 Pack Calendar!

Backpacker on tour Backpacker webpages are currently being developed
but you can use the contact form if you already have a group of up to six backpackers who are already in Dar.
Backpacker on tour

How it will Work…

When you click on any one of the backpacker images on this page [NOT YET READY] the BackPacker 6 Pack Calendar will be displayed and it will show the current months 6 Pack offers.

If you wish to go on safari in the next or any following month then click on “Events In” and choose the appropriate month.

If you find a suitable safari event (with or without current participants – known as RSVPs) then enter the number of persons in your party in the RSVP box and fill in the remaining details in the form that then pops up (name & email address). As confirmation you will receive an email with one or more tickets, depending on the number you entered. These tickets are only to confirm your acceptance in that event, you will still have to pay at least one day before the event takes place.

You can check in to that event at any time in the future (before the event) to see if other people have RSVP’d.

As soon as 6 people have RSVP’d and are going on the same tour as you then you must all contact each other and come, together, to the Kanuth Adventure Safaris office to pay the full price minus the discount. This must be at least 24 hours before the safari event begins.

Should there be less than 6 participants 48 hours before the safari event begins then contact the others so that you all meet and pay at Kanuth Adventure Safaris office 24 hours before the safari begins.

The backpacker discount safari is calculated on payment, based only on the number of actual participants. That is if one or two drop out then they do not count.

feel free to contact us with the form on the right if you would like to initiate a new backpacker safari event, just let us know which of our safari packages interests you and you will get at least the appropriate discount for one person – and maybe more!

Amazing Backpacker safari discounts…

Number of Participants Discount
1 0%
2 15%
3 26%
4 40%
5 48%
6 52%
Backpacker on tour click on a backpacker image to see (and join) our up and coming 6 Pack Tours. Backpacker on tour

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Backpacker on tour click on a backpacker image to see (and join) our up and coming 6 Pack Tours. Backpacker on tour
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