Tanzania is a land of superb landscapes and spectacular Wildlife but another attraction stands equally is the People. Tanzania’s people are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth ,with a range of fascinating culture ready to be shared with visitors. From  the Wachagga of the slope of Kilimanjaro to the now World famous Maasai,a cultural excursion  or a longer stay among local people is likely to become one of  the most rewarding experiences of any holiday you can plan  in Tanzania with Kanuth Adventure Safaris.

Many local areas run their own culture program for visitors and Kanuth Adventure Safari has good relation and connection with them to help bringing income direct to the local community and give the people chance to  show their lifestyle to the outside World on their own term.  Though your tour of fascinating   primary school can be developed, Healthy Clinics can be improved or Kindergartens’ and orphanages can be funded.

Cultural tourism program are beneficial to everyone. The tourists get a unique and unforgettable experience ,the local people  generate income and improve their standard of living  and both parties gain a valuable understanding of another culture which will last longer after the visitor have returned home .Most of Cultural tourism program  that we arrange are located near the main thoroughfares of the principal tourist destination ,making a culture addition a Safari easy .Our  cultural tourism  Guides  are local people born and raised in the area ,well trained in their jobs and speaks  good English.

Whether you spend a morning  with a bushman in Mloka village or the bushman family near to lake Eyasi or Maasai boma ,trek by camel up to local summit, Stopping to learn about tradition plants and tribe stories  but a cultural tour is  for anyone who wanting to see the rich life  of the Tanzanian People . Come, let us introduce you to our peoples!



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