• First and Last Nights in Tanzania.

As mentioned before, unless you are on an absolute minimum budget then you may wish to start and end your journey (in Kiswahili safari means journey) in a comfortable accommodation with good beds and showering, maybe even with a pool. Kanuth can propose to you the best solution for your pocket.

  • Take note of distances & take one or more “chill out” days.

Kanuth will advise you here but there is no point in rushing every day to get to the next remote destination and to rush around there before moving on to the next. Regardless of budget there are lodges situated in the most beautiful of places, with wonderful views, and there are some lovely little towns on the way such as Mto wa Mbu in the north and Morogoro in the south where you can really experience the colourful, every day life of the local people. Visit their markets, talk to them in a bar or restaurant along their busy streets. With a day at a scenic lodge, where you can stroll into such a town, inbetween the hectic of full day safaris you will feel a part of Africa and can chill out alone with a view or by chatting with the locals. One or two of these days inbetween the long drives will enrich your souls.

  • Vary your week(s) and the types of safari you choose.

Indeed, if you do have one or two chill out days then you may want to stay an extra day in one of those towns like Mto wa Mbu where Kanuth can arrange for you a guided bicycle safari into a side arm of Lake Manyara (perfectly safe but with a multitude of birds and savannah game such as Thompson gazelle and Zebra). Or a walking safari with an armed guard in Lake Manyara N-P or Arusha N.P. In Mto wa Mbu and other lesser known destinations Kanuth can also arrange a culture tour in the town including lunch with a family and perhaps a stop at the banana plantation to try their banana wine and beer. Or spend an afternoon in a remote Maasai village.

  • Are you planning some days on the coast as well as inland safaris?

If you intend to see Tanzania’s coastline and spend some time on the beaches of Dar or Zanzibar Island then consider this:-

It is purely a matter of taste but what do you do first – beach or inland safari? It can be arranged either way. Most international airlines fly into Dar and on to Kilimanjaro or vice versa. So, if travelling the northern circuit, you can begin your tour at either end and fly back home from the other airport. Or inland flights with Precision Air are reliable and reasonably priced. It is only a matter of taste but if you have never been to Africa before we recommend that you begin your tour on the coast and end it with the inland safaris. You then have time to relax before the long game drive days, can acclimatize to the climate and change of culture and, best of all, when you return home you have all those great game drive and personal, cultural experiences still fresh in your mind to take home, they will not be watered down by a week on the beach.

  • Read about the four circuits, decide on one (or more) and discuss your plans with Kanuth.

Soon he will have an itinerary drawn up for you with a first estimated price. From that and with further discussion you can finalise all details and even tailor it a bit more to fit your budget better. Depending on the size of your group it might be cheaper to invite someone else along. If your trip is planned for 4 people and Kanuth has a six or nine seater vehicle available at that time then your budget could well be reduced by one or more people – ask him before you finalise.

  • Getting in touch…

Contact Kanuth here, or fill in the booking enquiry form now – the booking form is no commitment, just a request but it will give Kanuth a good idea of what you are planning.

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