Customising your safari holiday in Tanzania depends somewhat on the length of time you have.

Safari in Tanzania is generally split into four regions, known as circuits. We have the most popular Northern Circuit, the up and coming Southern Circuit and the somewhat remoter Western Circuit – and let us not forget Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, which we include together as the fourth circuit. Our entire website, where appropriate is organised into these four circuits.

Staying for a few days in a Tanzanian City or only have a few days holiday?
If you are just stopping of at a Tanzanian city for a few days then some short safari excursions are easily planned, or taken from our suggested tours. Depending on which city you are staying in you would then take excursions that are not so far away from there. For example in Dar you would choose destinations in the southern circuit, e.g. Mikumi, Selous or Saadini National Parks. At a pinch you could do a one day safari to Mikumi but it would be a rush, better 2 or even three days. Two or, better still, three days for Selous would work to. We can also arrange safaris in little known destinations very close to Dar. Other southern circuit parks are Ruaha and the Udzungwa Mountains.

If you were staying in Arusha then Arusha National Park can bee seen in one day, even Tarangire N.P at a pinch, although two would be better for Tarangire. In three days (or better still four days including a chill out day) from Arusha you could see Tarangire N.P, Lake Manyara N.P. and Ngorongoro Crater. But with a few days more you can add the wonderful Serengeti N.P. That would be the most popular destinations in the Northern Circuit, but there are more!

Perhaps from Dodoma you would choose the Western circuit and in two or three days could visit the Gombe Stream N.P. But the Kitulo N.P and Rubondo Island N.P in Lake Victoria, which can just as easily be reached from Arusha, will need one or two days more.

Have a week or two (or more) in Tanzania?
Here you can afford (depending on budget) to choose from any of the safari circuits, even choose to do more than one. But, for your comfort and to give you time to relax and really get to know an area sticking to one of the three major safari circuits is perhaps the best.

All of those places mentioned in the top paragraph are at your disposal. With that little extra time you can combine game drives with tribal visits, walking or canoeing safaris and even a trek in the mountains. Tanzania is your Oyster when you bring a little time with you!

So talk to Kanuth, tell him how long you have, what your main targets are (animals, tribes, places) and what your budget is (from backpacking through mid-range and luxury, or a mixture) and together you can plan a wonderful safari in Tanzania. When combining the ranges of accommodation to suit your budget lots of people find mid range a good choice especially for the first and last night because you will have better (and private) bathing opportunities and a comfortable bed. Thus you start and end your holiday refreshed. During the week(s) you might want to experience the real african bush in a public camp site or a backpacker lodge – you will meet lots of different people and nationalities and keep the budget down. Alternatively Kanuth has connections to many luxury lodges.

So speak with Kanuth now, or send him an email to arrange a skype session (or similar).

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