Kanuth Adventure Safaris Ltd. …
      – our contribution to children in need.

We are not one of the larger safari tour operators but, together with our determination to strive to provide the best and caring service for our clients, our small outfit is also aware of our social obligations. Every employee from the CEO to our office workers and safari guides struggle to ensure that their children are well brought up and educated as much as possible, as far as university if that is possible. But it is not easy, to compete against the big companies without a large capital behind you.

However, we are very aware that our lives are so much easier than those of the many orphans and abandoned children in Tanzania. So we do intend to financially support authentic, genuine, grass root ngos that specialise in providing a better life for such children. Below you can see some organisations that we support and work with in order to increase that support. We encourage our clients to “pack for a purpose” and we regularly visit the Kulea Childcare Village in Chalinze which is on the main route of our southern circuit safari packages. We contribute regularly to support the Kulea Childcare organisation’s village in Chalinze. We also work with Mtoko Designs who not only organise social and educational projects for the children of Kulea but also provide work for Tanzanian artisans who provide fabrics for Mtoko’s travel wear fashions.

Of course, whether or not you choose to safari with us you can still look at our favoured organisations below and perhaps you would like to participate in “Pack for a Purpose”, or perhaps make a donation (of any value) to Kulea or check out the beautiful safari wear at Mtoko Designs!

Pack for a Purpose…
      – bring a little something with you for Tanzanian children

Pack for a Purpose

Kulea Childcare Villages…
      – villages for orphaned and abandoned children.

Kulea Childcare Villages

Mtoko Designs…
      – using Travel Wear to create sustainable impact.

Mtoko Designs

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