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Are you “On-the-Road”?

We are Aware….

That many people, mostly youngsters, take time out, or a sabbatical, to travel the world with little money. They move from one country to the next, often overland and with local public transport. They are usually looking for adventure and brand new experiences, for example, getting close to local inhabitants and their various cultures.

Tanzania is a great country to do just that, but travelling through Tanzania is not cheap due to high fuel charges and long distances.

Many of these backpackers (and we have met many of them) find their travels an amazing education. They learn how other people live. They see poverty and they see many people who live on the borderlines of hunger. They see that such people are often content. They are confronted with many different religions, cultures and traditions and one day they will take their experiences back home and will usually live much better lives than they perhaps would have done without the travelling university.

For that reason we offer all on-the-road backpackers:-

10% Off! ….

If you book directly with us.

As you will be in Tanzania at the time of the safari you can either book via our contact forms or by WhatsApp, Skype or per email etc and we will pick you up anywhere in Arusha, Moshi or Dar es Salaam. Our telephones and email address can be found here.

We look forward to meeting you and will gladly you show you Tanzania from the grassroots up!
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