Tanzania Safari – Group Safari? Discount Safari? Budget safari? Share Safari?
– all about Budget Safari Tanzania.

Share Safari discounts – get up to a 50% Discount safari!…

for example, by encouraging others to join your share safari using our Backpacker 6 Pack Calendar!

Backpacker on tour First step: click on any image on this page to see (and join) one of our up and coming
Share Safari Six Pack Tours.
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Budget Safari Tanzania – How the 6 Packs Work…

There are 3 ways of getting a 6 Pack Safari – with up to 50% Discount off the base price!

  1. SPONTANEOUS 6 PACK SAFARIS! Just Walk-In to our office – or telephone – or WhatsApp (+255 xxx) – for GUARANTEED DAILY DEPARTURES
    • Walk-In, Phone-In etc at any time of the day (between xx:00 and yy:00) for departure on the next morning (or any other time).
    • If you want to depart immediately then best come in early.
    • Bring other backpackers with you and your discounts will increase accordingly! Now that is truly a Budget Safari Tanzania

    OR, if you have a few days to prepare: JOIN one of our planned 6 Pack Safaris.

  2. PLANNED 6 PACK SAFARIS! These planned safaris are held in the calendar and anyone can join them – up to 6 persons per safari.
    • Check out the “HOW TO Maximise discounts…” sections below.
    • Because we plan these safaris a few days in advance you have time to get other backpackers to join thus increasing your discount!
    • We have a few planned 6 packs every month over a two year period so you can also plan for your next years’ 6 Pack holiday!
    • Bring other backpackers with you and you will get a true budget safari Tanzania because your discounts will increase accordingly!

    OR, if you are planning a safari in some months or next year – just EMAIL us stating any of our packages…

  3. EMAIL US and we will ADD YOUR CHOICE SAFARI (of any length) to the 6 Pack calendar Thus others may join you and increase your discount!
    • Choose any of our safari packages, mail us with the package number/name and give us your dates. We add that package to the calendar for your dates.
    • Now you have a long time to get others to join you – use all of your social sites to tell everyone. Ask your closest friends to broadcast to their social sites too!
    • Bring other backpackers (even suit case carriers :=) with you and your discounts will increase accordingly. That is a real Budget Safari Tanzania!

Amazing Backpacker safari discounts…

Number of Participants Discount off Base Price
1 0%
2 24%
3 38%
4 42%
5 47%
6 50%
You can see the base price on every safari package’s itinerary page
(Safari Packages/… choose a circuit…/… choose a package)

Backpacker on tour with rhino

HOW TO Maximise discounts with PLANNED 6 Pack Safaris…

First of all, click on any of the images on this page and the BackPacker 6 Pack Calendar will be displayed. Following this it will show the current month’s 6 Pack share safari offers.

But, if you wish to safari during any following months then click on “Events In” and choose the appropriate month.

As a matter of fact anyone who is computer/tablet/smart-phone literate should be able to manage without further instructions. Although you can come back here if it is not as intuitive as you had hoped. Just remember when you get to the final 6 Pack Event page you need to confirm the number of places you want in the RSVP box. So you can also click here to get to the calendar.

Look for a suitable share safari event (with or without current participants (known as RSVPs). After that enter the number of persons in your party in the RSVP box. Fill in the remaining details in the form that pops up (name & email address). As confirmation you will receive an email with one or more tickets, depending on the number you entered. In fact these tickets are only to confirm your acceptance in that event. You will still have to pay at least one day before the event takes place.

You can check in to that event at any time in the future before the event because you (only you and other participants) can see the email addresses of all participants.

Two Days before your Discount Safari Event!

As soon as 6 people have RSVP’d and are going on the same share safari tour as you then you must all contact each other. After that you must come, together, to the Kanuth Adventure Safaris office to pay the full price minus the discount. This must be at least 24 hours before the share safari event begins, because only when the group safari is paid can we guarantee the start.

Although there might be less than 6 participants 48 hours before the safari event begins still contact the others. You should all meet and pay at Kanuth Adventure Safaris office 24 hours before the safari begins.

The backpacker discount safari is calculated on payment, because it is based on the number of actual participants. Thus if one or two drop out then they do not count.

Also, feel free to contact us with the form on the right if you would like to initiate a new share safari event. Just let us know specifically which of our safari packages interests you. You will get at least the appropriate discount for your party – even if you tell us that you do not want a six pack with other people!

Backpacker on tour click on a backpacker image to see (and join) our up and coming 6 Pack Tours. Backpacker on tour with a discount safari

Budget safari Tanzania – for small groups: a maximum of 6 persons
a Small Group Share Safari Package to anywhere in Tanzania that gives all participants a great discount safari.

Are Six Packs just for Backpackers, what about other customers? No! it’s for anybody who wants to share!

Most other customers wish to remain in their own private party. Moreover they usually already have a group of 2 to 7 persons.

However, there is nothing to stop you. If anyone wishes to join other people and you know that you will be in Dar es Salaam (later Arusha too) at safari begin. Then you are welcome to join a six pack share safari.

Our Costs and pricing a discount safari.

Of course, running a fleet of vehicles costs a continual amount of money. Also many safaris cover long distances and fuel is not only expensive but constantly rising. Accommodation costs change each year. Entrance fees also change sometimes.

We want to keep our margins to a minimum because we want your custom and competition is enormous.

But Kanuth and his employees all need to look after their families. They are pragmatic Africans and never expect to be rich. But for their children and Africa’s future, they hope to educate their children at University. So, in fact, to compete against larger companies they are forced to work on very low margins.

So how can they offer a discount safari?

Because Kanuth Adventure Safaris Ltd has a very good pricing tool! They enter all overheads for a single person for the entire safari package. The tool then separates the one off costs from individual person costs. It then calculates the costs for 1 to 6 persons.

Thereafter Kanuth can apply various “What-If” scenarios. Subsequently he can calculate your best price budget safari Tanzania! There is a base price for 1 person and a discount for 2 to 3 persons on a private safari and a much reduced price for 4 to 6 persons (private). Obviously, using this tool he calculates the possible discount safari prices for special offers.

He can also offer his new backpacker 6 Pack discount safari with the absolute minimum prices due to fixed discount percentages. Obviously he cannot do that on all packages at all times. But, by giving individuals or couples the chance to join others online they can achieve up to 50% reductions of the base price. Our small group safari will be popular with on the road backpackers but anyone can join. If you know when you will be in Dar es Salaam or Arusha then checkout our Six Pack Calendar.

Budget Safari Tanzania – The Backpacker 6 Pack Package.

This discount safari, or small group safari, is in its infancy. At first we will offer three or four packages from Dar es Salaam. We will offer them every month but are not yet sure how many per month. There will certainly be more on offer during the low seasons. We realise that backpackers are on the road at all times thus that should not be a problem. And we promise to offer them in the high season too, but are not sure how many. Every month at least one but we hope to offer more than that even in the high season. But, please remember, you do not have to be on the road. You can join a small group safari from the comfort of your home. As long as you know that you will be at the right place at the right time – that’s cool!

We currently offer 6 Packs from Dar es Salaam, but soon from Arusha as well.

Budget Safari Tanzania – How to Find the 6 Packs.

First of all, just below the panorama photo at the top of our home page is an image of a backpacker. He represents the budget safari Tanzania 6 Packs. Click on him and you land on this page. Of course you may have got here via a search engine.

Not surprisingly you will get to the six pack calendar by clicking here. Or, in fact, by clicking on any image on this page.

Budget Safari Tanzania – The 6 Pack Calendar.

First of all the calendar shows you the current month. Before the current day all is greyed out – too late. If there is not a 6 Pack Share Safari you want to join in the current month then check out the following month.

Although the package of your choice might not have any participants you can be the first! After that you can help yourself by informing many other backpackers, or your facebook friends, and asking them to join. You can keep checking the calendar to see how many participants have joined your discount safari. As soon as your chosen six pack has six participants then you should meet with them and go to Kanuth’s office to pay.

Yet, it might be that less than 6 participants have joined and only 48 hours remain before the safari begins. In this case meet up with the other participants and come to Kanuth’s office to pay. If he is in a position to give you a few percent more on your discount safari then he will.

Budget Safari Tanzania – Conclusion

So, we offer our budget safari Tanzania to all customers. By using our pricing tool to calculate the absolute minimum margins we offer a good discount safari to private groups of 2 to 3 and 4 to 7.

However, because of the flexibility of this tool we are also able to go that extra mile for backpackers and that includes other customers too – anyone can join our small group safari.

Small Group Safari – Why? Benefits? Pros and Cons – all explained here.

A Small Group Safari – but why should I join one?

Obviously a group safari is a whole lot cheaper because you are sharing the costs. Moreover, much of the cost is one off, for one person or six they remain the same. Therefore this enables us the chance to offer discounts up to 50% of the base price.

Above all we are not offering huge double decker trucks in which about fifty people sit. Because our groups are a maximum of six. Obviously large groups are impersonal and often flit from one venue to the next without enough time to let it all sink in.

Moreover, our small group itineraries are the same well thought out plans that our private groups experience.

Our clients have always been responsible, caring people. They always show a great interest in Tanzania, its culture, wildlife and scenery. They have come to us as strangers and left as friends. You will have the same opportunity, they will certainly become your friends too.

On a small group safari with Kanuth Adventure Safaris we can assure you a great time, at low cost!

Group Safari? Budget Safari? Share Safari? What should you look for?

To begin with we often think if something is cheap it is not good, so a cheap safari might not be right. However a good budget safari is by nature not only a budget safari but a cheap safari. A discount safari is also the same – it can be both a cheap and a budget safari. But the import thing is quality and safety – and we bring both!

So, let us assume you are a backpacker and you are looking for a Dar es Salaam safari. For example, a game drive, trekking on a forest mountain trail, or a culture tour from your base in Dar es Salaam.

Safari Dar es Salaam, a budget safari.

I too was a backpacker on the road and I remember how it was. Not much money, sometimes travelling alone, but sometimes with one or two others. You really want to go safari Dar es Salaam but it all seems too expensive. Consider travelling with up to five other backpackers.

By using our Backpacker 6 Pack Calendar you can certainly cut costs on a safari of any type. From Dar es Salaam or Arusha, if that is where you are staying.

Our Discount Safari “Backpacker 6 Pack Calendar”

The current month is shown by default but just click below the “events in” title to choose the month you wish. As an example we show below a TEST safari tour to Saadani on the 24th December.

budget safari tanzania

First of all you click on your chosen event, scroll down to the bottom of the event page and join the tour. After that enter the number of tickets you want and click on RSVP.

Make Sure You get a Discount Safari.

Next, you can use our social media buttons to tell your friends about the group safari. After that tell your fellow backpackers at the hostel where you are staying. It is most likely that you are staying in an accommodation close to other backpacker hostels. Indeed, visit them, go into the public areas and talk to more fellow travellers. Tell them about the cheap safari you found. Tell them that to make it a budget safari they must also tell their friends. You know how the backpacker network buzzes and good news about a budget safari will go viral!

Not Only a Budget Safari, Not only a Group Safari, Not only a Share Safari

We are also in the process of organising other events. We are especially proud of our relationships with remote people and cultures. You can visit them on certain tours. But not all our contacts are remote. We also have contacts in Dar es Salaam and Arusha, so we will be able to offer you FREE events. Such as a traditional Tanzanian music evening on the beaches of Dar. So do not just look for our discount safari offers, because our calendar will also contain free events!

Budget Safari Tanzania – One Idea Leads to Another!

We are also thinking of other free events and extremely cheap safari events. Like a guided foot safari into the mangroves for just a few dollars.

As soon as we can begin arranging such events they will appear in the 6 Pack Calendar.

Finally, to help you choose your destinations in Tanzania…

Try our App, because you can read about all National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania. There is also lots more information about Tanzanian culture, history and preparing for a trip to Tanzania. Thus you will be prepared for your best budget safari Tanzania!

Backpacker on tour share safari click on a backpacker image to see (and join) our up and coming 6 Pack Tours. Small group safari
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