The Ugalla river national Park [URNP] Was gazetted in 2019 by GN NO 936 dated 29 November 2019. The gazette combines an area that formerly was Ugalla North Game Reserve [1811 km square] and North Ugalla forest reserve [2054 km square], covering a 3,865km square. The park was named after the life-giving river [The Ugalla River], which provides the only permanent water for wildlife during the dry season. The river flows slowly westward beyond the national park’s boundaries into the complex waterways and wetland of the Moyowosi swamp, which eventually drain into Lake Tanganyika.

The Ugala River is one of the most incredible national parks in Tanzania, with diverse flora and fauna species making the area very potential for tourism activities. The Ugalla river with its board, slow-moving river of the sandbank, shallow pools, oxbows lake, and swamps that winds its way in meandering loops westward through a small and almost forgotten world of extraordinary wildlife richest inhabits the clawless cape offers and many water birds such as shoebills, storks wattled cranes and pygmy geese. The park is wild and remote, making preferred park to visit within the southern national parks circuit.

Size: 3,865 sq km(1,493 sq Miles)
Location: Southwest Tanzania, east of Lake Tanganyika Wildlife: Four of the big five: leopard, lion, Buffalo, and Elephant. Other animals include; Sable Antelope, Topi, Ronan, Wild Dogs Greater Kudo, Lichtenstein’s, Hartebeest, Crocodile, East Africa bush duiker, Eland, Hyena, Impala, Jackal, Oribi, Bohoro reedbuck, Common reedbuck, Zebra and swamp-dwelling, Sitatunga Antelope which are found in the swampy stretches to the west.

Tourism Activities: Game drives, walking safaris, Photographing /filming tourism and Bird watching.

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