Mahale Mountains is set deep in the heart of the African interior, inaccessible by road and only 100 km (60miles)south of the beach where Stanley Uttered that immortal greeting “Doctor Livingstone, I presume”

Like its northerly neighbor Gombe, Mahale Mountains National Park is home to last remaining Wild Chimpanzees in Africa. Around 1,000 of these fascinating animals roam the isolated rainforest of Mahale,a chain of dramatic peaks draped in lush vegetation falling to Lake Tanganyika’s beaches far below.

Tracking the Chimps of Mahale is a magical experience. Our guide eyes will pick out last night’s nests-shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky. Scrap of half eaten fruits and fresh dung become valuable clues, leading you deeper into the forest.

Mahale is also known as Nkungwe,after its largest mountain, which rises to 2,460 m.(8,069ft)above sea level,and is held sacred by the local Tongwe people and while the Chimpanzees are the star attraction, the slopes of Mahale support a diverse forest fauna, including readily observed troops of colobus,red -tailed and blue monkeys and kaleidoscopic array of colorful forest birds.

To a hike on the trail of the chimpanzees, you can trace the Tongwe people’s ancient pilgrimage to the mountain spirits, trekking through enclaves of rainforest to grassy ridges chequered with alpine bamboo. After a hot work in the forest, the clear water of the lake, home to 250 species of fish.,beckon for a refreshing swim.


Location: Western Tanzania, bordering Lake Tanganyika.

Size : 1,613sq km(623 sq miles)

Activities: Chimp trekking(allow at least two days),hiking, Camping safaris, snorkeling, fish for your dinner.


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