Hike through the ancient Africa forest in search of Chimps, and you will first be alerted by banshee wail from deep in the greenery. And suddenly a dozen separate voices rising in frenzied shrieking crescendo to a spine -chilling climax. It’s the famous pant hoot call !Not as threatening as it sounds, merely a bonding ritual that allows the participants to identify each other through individual vocal stylizations.

Gombe Stream is the smallest of Tanzania’s National Parks, a thin of ancient forest set amidst mountains and steep Valley on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. It is home to the World’s most famous Wild apes, a habituated Chimpanzee community that achieved celebrity status through the pioneering work of Dr.Jane Gooddall, whose  behavioral research program founded in 1960,now stands as the longest running study of its in the World.

Chimpanzees share more than 95% of their genes with humans , and no scientific expertise is required to distinguish between the individual repertoires of pants, hoots and screams that define the celebrities, power brokers and the supporting characters.

The majority of the park mammals are primates, most of them forest species and in addition to the famous chimpanzees visitors could be lucky enough to see blue or red-tail monkey. Carnivores are rare in the forest making Gombe the ideal place for a walking safari, or a swim in one of the streams.

Location: Western Tanzania.16km (10 miles)north of Kigoma on the shore of Lake Tanganyika.

Size: 52sq km(20 miles)Tanzania’s smallest Park.

Activities: Chimpanzee trekking, hiking ,swimming/snorkeling. Ujiji ,near Kigoma is where Henry Stanley famously enquired “Dr.Livingstone I presume€, and you can watch the port’s renowned dhow builders at work.

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