Ruaha National Park  was Named after the great Ruaha River which flows along its Eastern border. The main concentration of wildlife in the Ruaha National Park is along the great Ruaha River.

It is Tanzania’s first largest Park with a mood all its own, an aura of rugged spirituality that makes it a favorite with seasoned safari goers.

This park is the only protected area in which the flora and fauna of eastern and southern Africa overlap, leading to fascinating combinations of wildlife both greater and lesser kudu live here as do sable and roan antelopes.

Size: 22,000 sq kilometers

Location: Central Tanzania, West of the Iringa highlands (128km west of Iringa)

Wildlife: Elephant, Cheetah, African Hunting dogs, Impala, Grants’ Gazelle, Lion, Hyena, Jackal, antelope, Water buck and Warthog, an astonishing 465 species of bird have been recorded in the park.

Activities: Game drives, guided walking safaris and bird watching through untouched bush,Near Iringa visit Ismila ruins one of African most important prehistory sites.

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