The Nyerere national park is Africa’s largest national park. It is also one of the Oldest reserves, founded in 1896. The collection of wildlife, both in diversity and abundance, is just remarkable! Visitors to this vast sanctuary will be able to see the astounding volume of nature, both rare and common species.

This pristine park was declared a World Heritage site in 1982.

Size: The Nyerere National Park covered with the area of 30,893 square kilometres.( 11,927.854 square miles)

Location: South east of Tanzania

Wildlife: The park host the famous ‘’Big Five’’ and some rare species of antelopes like Roan Antelope, Brindled Gnu, Lichtenstein hartebeest, roan, and sable antelopes, Kudu, Waterbuck. About 70% of Tanzania Elephants are found in this area, as well as African wild Dogs, Reedbuck, Zebra, Bushbuck, Impala, Warthog, Cheetah and Giraffes.

Activities: Boat safaris at Rufiji River, walking safaris, game drives.

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