The Pare mountains are located in north eastern Tanzania, to the north west of the Usambara Mountains. The Pares are split into two ranges: the North and South Pares. The highest peak is in the South Pareas which rise to the 2,463m Shengena Peak. They range along the border of Kenya towards the coast and contrast with the dry and hot Massai-Plain towards the inland They form part of Eastern Arch of mountain range and are inhabited by the Pare people (pronounced Pahray).

Historically, the Pare people were the main producers of highly demanded iron for the mountain regions of north-eastern Tanzania. The Chaga were among their consumers. The Pare were also known as rainmakers.

The Pare Mountains are an attractive place for hiking and bird-watching. Bird species in the include: the endemic South Pare White-eye, Mountain Buzzard, Olive Woodpecker, Mustached Green-tinker bird and the African Hill Babbler.

We recommend that you visit the Pares for at least 3- 4days. Visits to the Pares combine well with Mkomazi Game Reserve . Please contact us for more informations.

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