Maziwe island is one of the oldest Marine Reserve in Tanzania which located about 15 miles from the cost of Pangani.It assumes that in 1912 the island was covered by a dense  forest which was so lush.From the 1970 the trees were cut down and the island reverted to a sandbank .Around 1983 the last tree was seen on Maziwe and  what is left today is a sun-kissed sand island exposed during low tide.

The Maziwe Island was established in 1975  and given a status of a Reserve to protect this most important breeding place for sea turtles  of the East Africa Coast as well as to take  care of the important reef system around.

Maziwe  is also a  diversity  of nearly  400 species of fish,35 general of hard and soft corals, sponges  and algae as well as shoreline birds have been identified. The long reef slopes and beautiful coral gardens around the island are still visited by sea turtles looking for breeding places with records of about 200 nests of green and olive ridley turtles in a season when maziwe was still a forested island.


Activities:While you are in Maziwe you can do walking,snorkeling,Diving,Windsurfing,Kayaking,Sailing,Fishing,Pangani River Cruise,Pangani Culture Walk.

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