Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza is largest lake of Africa and the largest tropical lake in World.Lake Victoria is world’s second largest fresh water lake.The Lake is between three countries Uganda-Tanzania-Kenya border. . Numerous streams, including the Kagera River, feed Lake Victoria. Victoria Nile drains the lake to the north. At the Nalubaale (Owen Falls) and Kiira dams on the Victoria Nile the lake’s waters are used to generate hydroelectricity. The lake basin is densely populated and intensely cultivated, and the lake is an important fishery, but fish stocks and diversity have declined since the 1980s as a result of overfishing and the introduction of the Nile perch. The lake has also suffered uncontrolled water hyacinth proliferation.

Location :Northern Tanzania

Size :238,900 sq Kilometers (92,200sq Miles)Basin.
Width : 250 km (160 Miles)
Length : 337 km (209 Miles)
Max.depth : 83m(272ft)

Activities: Boat safari, Canoeing Safari, Fishing safari, Culture tour safari, Game drive to Serengeti park.

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