The Hadzabe bushmen is a small group of the last full time hunter- gatherer in Africa which live around Lake Eyasi. They have made the Lake Eyasi their long time hunting grounds. The Hadzabe are not closely genetically related to any people of other  tribe.

Their language resembles the click languages of other bushmen further south in the Kalahari.

In the late 19th century the Hadzabe  came into contact with Europeans, who produced the first written accounts of them. Since then there has been numerous attempts by successive colonial administrations, the independent Tanzanian government, and foreign missionaries to settle the Hadzabe, force them to adopt farming, and convert them to Christianity. These have largely failed, and many Hadzabe still  pursue virtually the same way of life as their ancestors are described as having in early 20th century .

A day trip or longer safari with the bushmen will give a visitor a chance to experience a way of their life that has long since vanished elsewhere on the planet.

Other activities which can be done and can offer fascinating glimpse into an ancient way of life  with Hadzabe bushmen are  Morning hunts with the warriors  with bows and arrows ,Honey gathering, Walk to find tradition healing plants and food and traditional dance .This  are all part of the Hadzabe cultural tourism experience.

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