Lushoto which is located at 1,400 m above sea level is the administrative center of the Western Usambara Mountains and has several colonial building that are still being used, as well as several plantation houses scattered in the surrounding valley of the Usambara Mountains.

The climate is cool and subtropical. The first European to reach Lushoto was the Missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf who in 1849 was given a warm welcome by King Kimweri 1.In 1886 the Germany colonist entered the Usambara and persuaded the local chiefs to sign away their domain for a pittance. The  subsequent Germany  advance was made easy because in the later half of  nineteenth century Usambara was racked by chaos.The slave trade had started to invade the mountains, while at the same time the Sambaa –Kilindi Dynasty was caught up in civil war against the Bondei tribe who wanted independenc

Lushoto is among Tanzania’s popular cultural tourism program and  Kanuth Adventure Safaris  offers Over dozen of different guided tours around Western Usambara ranging from three hours strolls to challenging five days bicycle trip to Moshi via the  Pare Mountains.

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