Malawi fondly referred as the warm heart of Africa. The true essence of Africa is Seen here. Traditional villages and life style still prevails in this part of Africa. Malawi is one of the very few African countries that has not yet experienced the over capacity of tourism thus making it more appealing to the traveler who refers the off beaten routes. Being part of the Rift Valley, the scenery in Malawi is stunning beautiful and dramatic

Lake Malawi. Africa’s third largest lake is rich with a variety of tropical fish and up to 500 unique species of cichlids. The lake covers one – fifth of the country and the greatest attraction are the palm fringed beaches, golden beaches.  A part of this lake has been declared a World Heritage site. 

Liwonde is  Malawi finest Park. Hippos bask in slow moving pools and crocodiles lurk on mudflats. The trees crowd the river, pressing in on it in lush, exotic green dampness. It is the bird life, which distinguishes Liwonde as a nature experience. With a resident and migratory population of well over 300 species, many rare among them, Liwonde is a paradise for those passionate about life on the wing.

Nyika  National  Park where the rolling montane grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see, broken only by the occasional patch of evergreen forest, whilst the lower slopes are hidden by extensive miombo woodlands. The wild, open nature of the plateau attracts visitors who come to view the birds and animals, study the flowers, walk or ride across the hills and valleys, or simply sit in the sun and absorb the magnificent scenery.

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