No matter which country you visit just learning a few words of their national language is a great help to break down barriers and to enjoy yourself more.

You can learn a lot more swahili here but as a quick introduction the following few words and phrases should help…

English Swahili Swahili Reply Reply in English
Hello Jambo Sijambo Hello (back)
How are you? habari? nzuri, asante fine, thanks
thanks very much asante sana karibu welcome
What’s your name? Jina lako ni nani? Jina langu ni Fred (or Freda) my name is Fred (or Freda)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Habari ya asubuhi    
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Habari ya mchana    
Good evening (Evening greeting) Habari ya jioni    
Good night lala salama (sleep well)    
Goodbye kwaheri    
Cheers (when drinking) Maisha marefu!    
OK sawa    
cool (slang) por (street talk)    
No problem! hakuna matata!    
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