We are an established family business that provides guided safari tours in Tanzania. We intend to remain relatively small so that all of our staff (currently 5) remain au-fait with our strategy, products and latest changes.

This way, we will continue providing superior service to our larger competitors. Our CEO, Kanuth Tarimo, has a vast amount of experience guiding tourists from around the world on safari tours all over Tanzania.

Kanuth studied Tour Guide and Leader Ship courses in Arusha – the centre of Tanzanian Safaris. As a very young man, he worked as a porter and a cook on Mount Kilimanjaro ascents until he began studying in Arusha. Between 2004 and 2010, he helped establish and manage a German Safari Lodge on the Rift Valley Escarpment near Lake Manyara. He has made endless holidaymakers happy by being their safari guide and driver. He continues to guide and drive whilst running the company. Thus he is always up to date with current tourism in Tanzania, aware of wildlife and culture and where best to find it. He is also well aware of what people from first-world countries expect in terms of health, safety, hygiene, punctuality, reliability, comfort, service and adventure. He is now just 46 years old.

Our Mission is …

To take special care of all clients, everybody, be they experienced African travellers, “First timers” (those that have never been to Africa before), older visitors, kids, special diet persons etc. – we CARE! And we take care.

To remain AWARE of what the holidaymaker expects regarding health, safety, hygiene, punctuality, reliability, comfort, service and adventure.

To stay a friendly, personal family business – most customers leave with personal contact with their guide and remain friends. This is confirmed by the number of customers returning to us and our success with verbal propaganda!

To keep “Adventure” as our primary speciality: culture and history, sporty treks, highland walks, forest and mountain trails, crater walks, foot safaris and far away remote tours. Culture & History also provides adventure, and our much-loved game drives add spice to our packages! So even the lesser fit or energetic clients can enjoy the adventure too.

To continually maintain our links with local tribes, which gives us the possibility of visiting off-road villages where our friends welcome our guests in many forms: music, dance, farming, traditional hunting (no guns), and everyday life – even milking their cows if you want! We do not take our clients to “tourist factories” but to real people and authentic, everyday villages where local people benefit from our visits.

To provide not only for luxury and mid-range clients but to give the younger, lesser wealthy travellers and backpackers budget-priced safaris, including our backpacker 6-pack discount arrangement.

To constantly refresh our knowledge and experience in lesser known venues where our clients are proud to be some of just a few people that have visited those people and places. This includes some beautiful forested walks or mountain treks of various levels of difficulty and adventure where you are as close to nature and culture as possible.

To keep our staff up-to-date in experience and training in all aspects of Tanzania and Tourism and the technologies that our clients and we rely on.

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