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Wildlife, History or Culture safari Tanzania! – Tanzania safari tours with Kanuth are a dream come true – the best safari Tanzania! For example, a Serengeti Safari & other Tanzania National Parks.

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Elephant family in Tarangire National Park - the best safari Tanzania

Our Speciality Safaris…

adventure safari, wildlife safari and culture/history safari

culture safari tanzania

walking safari tanzania

top 10

Reviews of  Kanuth Adventure Safari Packages
Of course, our standard game drive safaris are special too. Because we like to specialise in looking after you no matter where you go.

Our Speciality Safaris…

adventure safari, wildlife safari and culture/history safari

culture safari tanzania

walking safari tanzania

top 10

Reviews of  Kanuth Adventure Safari Packages
Of course, our standard game drive safaris are special too. Because we like to specialise in looking after you no matter where you go.


Our Article, “Best Safari Tanzania” shows first of all how we can claim that title. But then we provide you with some insider tips to help you find the “Best Safari Tanzania”.

Best Safari Tanzania: How can we claim to provide the best?

First of all, we care – for you. For example with our well maintained vehicles and a policy of safe driving. In fact, we take special care of first time visitors to Africa because we know it can be daunting. Of course, our guides make sure that you understand the rules of going on safari. Moreover your guide knows best when it comes to safety in the bush. We are certain you will have a real African experience but in the safety of a guide who cares.

In addition, we are a friendly, family business. You might come to us as strangers but leave as friends. Many previous clients continue to stay in contact with their guide and, in fact, they often bring us their return business. Therefore, many say that Kanuth Adventure Safaris Ltd. provides the best safari Tanzania.

Best Safari Tanzania: We are AWARE

Moreover we are well aware of your expectations. Outside the third world expectations are far higher than those of a typical African. You appreciate punctuality, we know that. Our punctuality is a fact. For example we have always been on time when picking up clients from their hotels and airports.

Bottled mineral water is supplied every day because we are aware of hygiene. Especially when cooking in the bush. We specifically choose only accommodations with a known reputation for cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Best Safari Tanzania: Top Value for your Money

Of course, some tour operators might offer a lower price. But you usually get what you pay for, often less quality, safety or awareness.

However, we try to keep our prices down and our margins to a minimum. Indeed, we are aware of the massive competition and must price to compete. Let us know if you are of a different opinion, because we might be able to give you a small discount.

Indeed, we offer a few special price safaris throughout the year. We also do our best to make safaris affordable to the many backpackers. For travelling backpackers we have a product where they can join others to reduce the price significantly. See our Backpackers 6 Pack Product here.

Indeed, for the best safari Tanzania, Kanuth Adventure Safaris gives you the best value for your money.

Best Safari Tanzania – We benefit too!

Experience is one thing, but we love our country: its nature, landscape, culture and history. We love our job because we are on safari all the time!

But we constantly learn, experience, and our products continually evolve. Thus we communicate and network all the time with remote tribal villages. Also with cultural groups such as musicians, sculptors and artists. Finally, all this ends up into the melting pot of our products, the best safari Tanzania.

Best Wildlife Safari inTanzania – but there is more: Adventure, Culture & History

Of course, most people look for adventure in Tanzania. We made adventure part of our name, therefore you will experience it! But in the safety of our vehicles and in the safe hands of our guides.

But, from that melting pot we mentioned above, we also developed new itineraries. Safaris that concentrate significantly on culture and history. See our cornerstone page on culture and history. Other safaris include historic or cultural elements because culture is omnipresent in Tanzania.

Best Safari Tanzania: Maintaining our personal links with local tribes

Constant renewal of old connections is indeed critical to our success and to provide the best safari Tanzania. Not only do we take our clients regularly to these remoter villages but we sometimes take them gifts. For example cows, water, and school materials. This helps them to continue their traditional lifestyle and, moreover, to educate their children.

Our friends thus welcome us. They show us everyday activities and living conditions. In fact, they often break out into spontaneous song and dance. They show our clients their trade or animal pens. We have also joined them on collecting their cattle. Some clients also milked their goats or cows. They are proud of their lifestyle and we are definitely proud to be their friends. Other tour operators take their clients to “tourist villages”, but we take you to real people. Thus it is a real adventure safari.

Striving for the Best in Tanzania: Research & Development

We also aim to constantly refresh our knowledge and experience in lesser known venues. As a matter of fact, our clients are proud to visit people in remote places.

This also includes some beautiful forested walks or mountain treks. We select trails of various levels of difficulty and adventure. Young or old, you are as close to nature and culture as is possible.

Reaching Out for the Best in Tanzania: Up-to-date, Open Minds and latest Technologies

We certainly aim to keep our staff up-to-date in all aspects of Tanzanian Tourism. But our research and development not only involves people and places. Technologies are constantly kept up to date, because we care about that too. For example all our vehicles have sockets for charging your cameras, phones and tablets.

Tanzania Safari – The Best Wildlife Venues

You probably know many wildlife venues in Tanzania, but perhaps others are unknown. First we skip over the most known. But then, in this second part of our “Best Safari Tanzania” article, we will introduce you to the lesser known.

We also link to well-known parks such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro.

In actual fact, you can experience the “best safari Tanzania” in any national park in Tanzania. Also in many game reserves. But we show you some undiscovered gems here.

Tanzania Safari – The Southern Circuit – from Dar es Salaam.

From your base in Dar es Salaam you can easily visit Nyerere , Saadani and Mikumi because they are not far. You can also experience great trekking trails near Dar. Observe much culture and historic monuments, but we describe trekking and culture separately.

The best safari Tanzania includes elements of history and culture, but in this article we concentrate on wildlife.

Best Boat Safari in Tanzania – Saadani National Park

Here you will see a wonderful park, in fact, one of the prettiest. From 8 Kilometers inland Saadani runs down to the coast just north of Bagamayo. Where else can you see a herd of elephant on the beach? And a safari on the Wami River is certainly the best boat safari in Tanzania. Thus Saadani belongs to the category “best safari Tanzania”.

More about Saadani…
A two day safari Saadani National Park—

Best Safari Game Reserve in Tanzania – Selous Game Reserve

Selous is larger than Switzerland but it has been chopped into various areas. First of all, the southern sections are closed,. They are reserved for scientific research and hunting. But in the north, along the Great Rufiji River, you can take a wildlife safari.

The Rufiji valley is the best place. Because its surrounding lakes and swamps abound with animals and birds. Thus Selous, too, belongs to the “best safari Tanzania”.

More about Selous…
A Selous Budget Safari…

Best short Break from Dar es Salaam – Mikumi National Park

You can easily get to Mikumi from Dar, thus making it a great short break safari. Many visitors compare the Mkata Flood plains to the Serengeti Plains. Not because of the vast migrating herds, but because of the scenery and wide open spaces. In Mikumi you can see many types of antelope, lion, elephants and much more. Mikumi is also famous for its magnificent bird life. Mikumi lies between Selous and the western circuit national park, Ruaha. Thus, if you combine a visit to Mikumi with Selous or Ruaha it will also be “the best safari Tanzania”.

More about Mikumi…
A Selous & Mikumi Budget Safari…

Conclusion – Safari Tanzania – Where to go?

Without a doubt we must have confused you now. Because we wrote that all National Parks in Tanzania provide the “Best Safari Tanzania”? But don’t worry, because no matter where you are in Tanzania you can have the best safari Tanzania.

It is not where you go, but with whom you go.

We sincerely believe that we can offer you the best safari Tanzania. Because we do care about you and the service we provide. And because we go that extra mile for you on every safari.

Meanwhile, in this article, “Serengeti Safari” we describe the best to see before you get there. And also what you can expect there.

A Budget Serengeti Safari?

Serengeti is a joy. Therefore it is often on top of the list for Tanzania visitors. Serengeti’s Luxury Lodges can provide fantastic dream holidays, for those who can afford it. But several mid range lodges provide more affordable comfort. However many travellers to Tanzania like to keep the prices down or are backpacking on a shoe string budget. These visitors want to enjoy a Serengeti safari too!

Kanuth Adventure Safaris do a lot to provide quality and safe safaris at lower costs. Moreover our pallette of safari products include budget safaris for private group. But also for open group safaris for up to six persons.

In other words a budget Serengeti safari with us will also make your dream come true.

A Serengeti Safari? – Where to Begin.

Obviously the best starting point is Arusha. For example from Nairobi (bus to Arusha), or Kilimanjaro International airports. Sometimes even Moshi – the gateway for a Kilimanjaro safari. You can even make your way up to Arusha from Dar es Salaam. It is a long but beautiful bus journey. We will pick you up anywhere in Arusha, Kilimajaro Airport or Moshi, or for a small charge anywhere else.

However, that is just the starting point. It is a long haul from Arusha to Serengeti, about 7 hours. But this is not a problem because on your Serengeti safari you can take in many other National Parks. To keep it budget there are some excellent official camp sites on the way. In all parks there are camp sites with good facilities. Also a few great “Backpacker Lodges” where you can meet many interesting travellers.

So, to begin with, you may want a day in Arusha National Park. Or, on the other hand, you drive straight to Tarangire National Park. Spend an afternoon on a Tarangire safari and head off to your accommodation in the evening. Moreover that lodging could be directly outside Lake Manyara National Park. Your Serengeti safari is already a wonder. If you safari in Lake Manyara Park and Tarangire you would have had a good chance to see four of the big five. Only the rhinoceros would be missing but you can see him in Ngorongoro or Serengeti.

Serengeti Safari – Let us finally get there!

We offer several alternative itineraries for your Serengeti safari. You can choose to visit all the above mentioned parks or only some. You can even exclude them all. In that case visiting Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater is a popular choice. We will also help you customise your own Serengeti Safari itinerary.

In any case you will drive up on to the Rift Valley Escarpment at Lake Manyara. In one hour from there you will arrive at the gates of the Ngorongoro Crater Reservation Area. This does not mean that you will visit the Ngorongoro Crater. But you must drive through this fantastic reserve and on to the rim of the crater to get to Serengeti.

Serengeti Safari – At last we have arrived!

The above title sounds a little desperate. Even if you drove non-stop from Arusha you would not feel desperate. You would have had a great journey, seen many interesting things but you would arrive tired!

At the gates you will have time for refreshments and a picnic lunch. You can also have some short walks there, within the entrance compound you are safe. You might also see various creatures such as many colourful lizards and birds. In addition you might see rock hyrax and even a large black and orange bat.

Certainly refreshed you will now begin an afternoon Serengeti safari which would end at dusk. At that point you would be at your campsite where you can shower and enjoy the evening meal that we prepare for you. Of course, all tents and camping equipment are provided by us. And not surprisingly, when you come out of the shower, you will see the tents are all ready for you.

Finally, your first Serengeti safari would have been a great joy. Because you would have seen many interesting animals and sightings that you never dreamed of.

Serengeti Safari – the last day.

You may have had just one or a few days in Serengeti by now but sadly the last day has come. You will be breakfasting under a beautiful orange and purple sunrise. All camping equipment and your luggage will be on board our vehicle before breakfast is over. Then, you are off for a morning Serengeti safari.

Furthermore more, even on the way out of the park you may experience a sudden surprise. Because the last time I was driving out with Kanuth at the wheel he suddenly braked. The landrover went into reverse and then we swung off to the right. A little way down that track under the shade of an acacia lie a cheetah. Kanuth had seen it run across the savanna and stop near the tree. No one else on board had seen it.

We never saw a kill but this beautiful cat lay there, licking her bloody lips!

Yes, a Serengeti Safari is certainly a magic, jamboree bag of surprises.

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

An Ngorongoro safari is a must if you are coming from Serengeti. You have to drive along the rim of the crater in any case. But it is a wonder.

This volcanic caldera is 600 meters deep and covers an area of about 260 km². Indeed, over 25,000 animals live there. Moreover it contains wide open savanna plains with a natron lake full of flamingo. There are hilly regions, acacia forest and swamps. So many various biotopes in a relatively small area.

Undoubtedly you must never miss this reserve if you are on a Serengeti safari. Simba campsite up on the rim has all the usual facilities furthermore it is close to the crater gates.

Finally, after such an experience, you will never forget your budget Serengeti safari. Of course not only thanks to Kanuth Adventure Safaris but to Tanzania’s wildlife and its people too!

In this article, “Tanzania National Parks” we list all National Parks Tanzania and some Game Reserves Tanzania.

A Tanzania Safari Holiday

There are 16 Tanzania National Parks although not all are well known. In addition, over a dozen game reserves and game controlled areas.

The government organisation, TANAPA, runs all Tanzania National Parks and because of that they are not cheap!

These brief notes on Tanzania National Parks show the most popular animals you can see. In addition, links to yet more information.

Serengeti (Northern Circuit) – the most well known of all Tanzania National Parks.

The most northern of all Tanzania National Parks. Serengeti is easily accessible if you also visit Ngorongoro but a long haul from Arusha if you don’t. Not only can you see massive herds of migrating wildebeest, zebra and buffalo but most savanna wildlife. All of the big 5 here and much more.
More about Serengeti…
4 days Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Lake Manyara safari tour…

Tanzania National Parks – Lake Manyara (Northern Circuit).

In Manyara National Park you can see lions in trees, many elephants and a fantastic bird life. The Hippo pool is a great attraction as are the thousands of flamingo. You might see a Cheetah or a leopard but the rhino is missing. Lake Manyara is certainly one of the most beautiful Tanzania National Parks.
More about Lake Manyara N.P…
2 day safari – Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro…

Tarangire- a jewel amongst all Tanzania National Parks – (Northern Circuit).

This beautiful national park is often overlooked. Yet it is easily reached between Arusha and Manyara. Tarangire is home to large herds of elephants. Also lions, zebra, many antelopes and much more. It is also famed for its amazing birdlife. Tarangire’s rolling hills and river valley are teeming with animals. Tarangire is a jewel amongst all Tanzania National Parks.
More about Tarangire…
9 Day Trekking and wildlife safari – Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and trekking its Crater Reservation Area…

Arusha (Northern Circuit) – close but known least of all Tanzania National Parks.

Arusha National Park is not a park you visit to see big game. But you can, wih luck, see leopards and hyena. There are very few lions and some elephants in Arusha National Park. Arusha is one of the loveliest National Parks Tanzania. Because it lies between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Also because it has some wonderful trekking trails. On these treks you can see various primates and birds such as Turaco and Colobus monkeys.
More about Arusha N.P…
Mount Meru Trekking safari…

Kilimanjaro (Northern Circuit) – the highest of all Tanzania National Parks.

Of all Tanzania National Parks this one is not visited to observe wildlife. It is an extremely exerting climb. Although you do not climb Kilimanjaro you walk up. It is not technically difficult (on most routes). However you are ascending to heights of almost 6000 meters in about five days. The time you take to climb can be critical to your health. If you go up too quickly you can get altitude sickness as early as 2,500 meters. This can be fatal if ignored so follow this information first.
More about Kilimanjaro N.P…
Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route trekking safari…

Mkomazi (Northern Circuit) – a very recent National Park.

Mkomazi recently elevated from game reserve to National Park. The reason was because of its importance in the reintroduction of two species. Of all Tanzania National Parks this is the most important for black rhinoceros. Also African wild hunting dogs, because both have been re-introduced there. The wild dogs roam free within the park but the rhinos are still located in a large pen.
More about Mkomazi…
6 day wildlife and trekking & culture safari in Mkomazi…

Saadani (Southern Circuit) of all National Parks in Tanzania the only one with a beach on the Indian Ocean!

Saadani is just a few hours north of Dar es Salaam. It spreads eight Kilometers inland from the Indian Ocean. Most of the usual savanna wildlife can be seen here except rhinos. Lions are present and elephants spend time on the beach. Bird-life is incredible, with many shoreline migrants. Of all Tanzania national parks Saadani offers the best boat safari on the Wami river.
More about Saadani…
Saadani one day tour from Dar es Salaam…

Mikumi (Southern Circuit)- makes a great short break from Dar.

A Mikumi safari can be done from Dar es Salaam in one day. Although it deserves at least a full day safari. So an afternoon safari, an overnight stay and a full day safari is recommended. You can see all typical savanna animals including kudu and black antelope but not the rhino. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded here.
More about Mikumi…
2 days Mikumi safari…

Ruaha (Southern Circuit).

Like some other Tanzania National Parks Ruaha is situated in the Rift Valley. Thus it is very beautiful. The Great Ruaha River, miombo woodlands and savanna make it the home of much wildlife. Only the rhino is missing from the big five. But you can see wild dog, sable antelope and greater kudu. 517 bird species have been recorded including many migrants. The region’s culture and history is also of great interest.
More about Ruaha…
6 days wildlife, culture and trekking in Ruaha, Mikumi and the Udzungwa mountains…

Udzungwa Mountains (Southern Circuit) – the greatest treks in all National Parks of Tanzania.

Let us exclude high altitude parks such as Kilimanjaro. Then Udzungwa is of all Tanzania National Parks the best for trekking. Although, there are other reserves and forest trails where trekking is equally good. For example Pugu Hills, the Usumbara and Pare Mountains. But Udzungwa National Park is outstanding for its bio diversity. It covers an area of almost 2000 km². You can experience tropical rain forest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland and steppe. Udzungwa’s highest peak (Lohomero) reaches an altitude of 2,576 metres. Over 400 species of birds are recorded here and over 2500 plant species, a quarter of which are endemic. Six primates live here, including Iringa red colobus and the Sanje crested mangabey.
More about Udzungwa…
9 days southern circuit safari – Udzungwa Mountains, Mikumi, Ruaha and Saadani…

Katavi (Western Circuit) – famed for its Crocs and Hippos.

Katavi covers an area of almost 5,000 km². The Katuma River runs through Katavi. Seasonal lakes Katavi and Chada provide floodplains. When the lakes dry up you can see thousands of hippos and crocodiles in the remaining mud pools. You can also watch large animal herds. For example, buffalo, zebra, gnu, giraffes, and elephants. Lion, cheetah, leopard and wild dogs are also living in Katavi. Of all Tanzania National Parks Katavi is one of the remotest and least visited.
More about Katavi…

Mahale (Western Circuit) – the most southern national park on Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Tanganyika is a spectacular. The Mahale mountains run parallel to its banks, so you can imagine the glorious views. Mahale is the only park in all Tanzania National Parks in which you cannot drive. There are no roads, so for amazing foot safaris and treks this is an ideal venue. The only way in and out of the park is by boat. Mahale is also the only park where both lions and chimpanzees reside. However because Mahale is infrequently visited the chimpanzee is thriving.
More about Mahale…
6 days Mahale chimpanzee trekking and game drives in Ruaha…

Gombe Stream (Western Circuit) – the most northern national park on Lake Tanganyika.

This location was the home of Jane Goodall’s research. Thus one of a few National Parks that is home to the chimpanzee. Gombe Stream is the best national park for viewing primates, of course, the chimp. Aso beachcomber olive baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and various hybrids. Although Gombe, with a size of 52 Km², is the second smallest of all Tanzania National Parks it is very popular. Gombe is easily accessible by boat from Kigoma (just 20 Km to the south) and well worth a visit. Steep valleys provide biotopes such as grassland, alpine bamboo and tropical rainforest. Over 200 bird species have been sighted. Other residents are leopards, bush pigs and eleven species of snakes. Snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika is also possible.
More about Gombe Stream…
4 days fly-in chimpanzee safari in Gombe Stream plus snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika…

Rubondo Island (Western Circuit) – one of two national parks on an island in Lake Victoria.

Rubondo Island covers an area of 237 km². An additional 10 Islets make it up to 456 km². Much of Rubondo Island consists of mixed evergreen and semi-deciduous forest. Dense lianas below the canopy are home to amazing butterflies. The Masa Hills rise to 1486 meters but just 350 meters above Lake Victoria. A chimpanzee re-habituation project was restarted in 2015. However visitors are still not allowed to view them. Other game include elephants, hippo, crocodile, antelope and many different reptiles and birds. Game fishing and birding safaris are possible.
More about Rubondo…

Saanane (Western Circuit) – also on an island in Lake Victoria.

Saanane is a member of Tanzania National Parks since 2013. It is the smallest National Park in East Africa. Impala, rock hyrax, vervet monkeys and wild cats are all present. Monitor and Agama lizards can be seen, pancake and leopard tortoises and pythons. Saanane is also the only location in Tanzania where you can see the de-brazas monkey. The aquatic areas contain nile perch and tilapia. Saanane is an ideal spot for bird watching, hiking, boat trips, and bush lunches. As the Island is still within the Mwanza city limits it can be reached in just a few minutes by boat.
More about Saanane…

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