Elephant family in Tarangire National Park

First of all, with Kanuth Adventure Safaris a Tanzanian safari holiday will make your dreams come true. This is because you will experience the true essence of Africa.

A Tanzanian Safari holiday is most likely to be the holiday of your lifetime. Most of all, if you find a local tour operator who is willing and able to take you to some off beat tracks. Only then do you gain a true African safari experience unlike most other tourists. Because our experience and connections to remote villages is so extensive we are able and very willing to do just that. Kanuth Tarimo, the owner of Kanuth Adventure Safari Ltd, is a member of the Chagga tribe, the largest tribe in Tanzania. Due to his personal and vast safari experience he has agreements with remote villages of various tribes to visit them with his clients.

Especially relevant is the history of Tanzania…
The German and later British colonialists of the nineteenth century began working first and foremost with the Chagga people. Consequently the Chagga had an advantage over other tribes because they were offered education and employment long before the others. Hence many businessmen in today’s modern Tanzania are from the Chagga tribe. But Tanganyika, as it was known in those early days, has come a long way since then. In 1964 it became an independent country named Tanzania. The joining together of the huge landmass of Tanganyika with the Archipelago of Zanzibar was the birth of Tanzania. Furtermore the country was led, from the outset, by the late, great Julius Nyerere.

Since then other tribes have seen a better chance of education and employment. Although the Chagga tribe is still the largest it is not so massive in comparison to other tribes. There are over one hundred tribes in Tanzania and they have not all remained static and separate from each other. Cross tribal marriage is very common today and even cross religion marriage, giving Tanzania a truly stable society. But tribal heritage is still important and certain tribes continue to maintain their traditional lives and to keep up with modern day technology and education wherever and whenever possible. For example the Maasai people still love their semi nomadic lifestyle and most of their traditions and customs. But even in the wildest areas of bush where the Maasai drive their cattle to feed you can see them take out their mobile phone from beneath their traditional red, blue or green robes and telephone home. This step forward, for them, has been life saving: if they were 20 miles into the bush on foot and someone got injured they had no choice earlier than to do their best for the victim, now they can get help per telephone.

It is this determination to maintain culture and in parallel keep up with modern times that makes a Tanzanian safari holiday unique and magical. Tanzanian people are friendly, kind and extremely hospitable.

With Kanuth’s long experience in the tourist industry and his modern vehicles you can expect that a Tanzanian safari holiday will be the greatest holiday you ever have. So, as a result, like many other customers, you will almost certainly want to return as often as possible (see reviews below).

Tanzanian safari holidays with Kanuth Adventure Safaris can be tailored as much as you like. Through your planning and discussions with Kanuth, both your budget and your destination wishes will be met. Therefore tell him which animals and tribes you would like to see and he will discuss with you all alternatives via skype or email, concluding with an agreed itinerary. Tanzania has a multitude of National Parks for game drives, walking safaris, even canoeing (with guides). It also has, as mentioned, over 100 tribes, some of which can be visited in their remote bush villages. They can entertain you with tours of their villages and explanations of how they live, and also explain what role education plays for their children. Singing and dancing spontaneously break out which, above all, can give you a feeling of being in the heart of traditional Africa.

Tanzanian Safari…

Hence it will be an adventure (a KanuthAdventure!) and for the tribal people a chance to earn. To enable this in remote rustic villages the tour operator must have the right connections and permissions. Thanks to Kanuth’s long years of tourism in Tanzania, he can turn your Tanzanian safari holiday into a dream come true. And thus, as a result, a story that you can tell your grandchildren!

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I have two times been on safari with Kanuth Afventure Safaries. The first one was in Selouse and the other one in Mikumi. I have been on safaris with other Companies before, but my best trips have definately been with Kanuth. Kanuth is a very good guide. He knows so much about the animals, and is a good story teller. He knows where to look for the animals at what times. It means we have seen all the animals we had hoped to see on each safari! Kanuth is a good driver and even next to a big pride of lions I felt (almost) safe.. We have been served delicious food, and had a overnight just next to a river with hippos and crocodiles. Kanuth Adventure Safaries am I rating with 5 stars!

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